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    Taxing us into oblivion

    AS PREDICTED, Remember we were chastised by our councilman for pointing this out – The city is giving tickets – this am we watched the city give at lease 20 tickets for alternate side parking – thank you city, thank you councilman! God forbid we get all together to have a street cleaning day – NOPE just more taxes on us! Lets ALL thank our councilman and political non-essentials for taxiing us during this crisis! notice the BID committee or meaningless merchant association are no where to be found!

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    Tenants cant pay their rent

    Your tenant cannot pay their rent. You defer the rent for a month – than what? What if they need 2 or 3 months to pay? Will they pay this back rent? You have taxes, water, insurance and a mortgage to pay – WHAT DO WE DO? This will come to a head and smack us in the face hard! Are we ready? Are we “ok” with daily baby talk OR do we want a PLAN for our recovery and PROTECTION! The city STILL DID NOT suspend ANY taxes – Make no mistake they WILL come for us! THIS IS WHY WE NEED A RECOVERY TEAM WITH A PLAN!

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    Business Recovery Team

    We assembled a team to help you get back to business! ONLY YOU can save your business! Bulldogtech on 3rd ave – Will provide FREE checkup for your POS & Computers – be ready for customers FREE web site design, hosting and advertising on BIBBY.ORG FREE 30 day IT service contract to ANY business We have the Property tax lawyer Ready We have an Accountant Ready We can help you speak to your banks for mortgage abatement We have tenant rental abatement letters ready We can help with the Payroll Protection program We have a locksmith for your locks We have a Rolling Gate company if your gates need repair…

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    Do NOT be a Statistic!

    DON’T BE A STATISTIC! How to survive another 30 days – ONLY YOU can save your business, property and lives. We are not here to repeat the same thing you hear 24×7 – its all “come by ya” CRAP! WE NEED A RECOVERY PLAN – if we have another 30 days of shutdown that means 90 says for ANY business to open and people to come back – NO ONE ELSE WILL HELP YOU – local leaders are GUARANTEED A PAYCHECK – they are not going through this with us. DEMAND a recovery plan! Solutions – not baby talk – we know many businesses NOT coming back – don’t be…

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    How can we recover?

    Not AFTER the crisis, we need a plan NOW on how we are going to recover – if we can. Lets take ideas as we are all home – stop listening to the depressing repetitive news – plan your business recovery! REMEMBER the BIG BOYS: Insurance companies, Banks, Credit cards etc.. ALL ALREADY INSTITUTED RECOVERY PLANS! Hold all politicians accountable for our recovery – we don’t need them repeating what we hear 24×7 on the radio – we need them to LEAD and give us a plan on recovery! We need a survey of ALL businesses and properties on 3rd ave. We need to know the following: Who closed How…

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    How long BEFORE We The People cannot recover?

    Imagine if we had a BID tax? Another extra expense we would be strangled with – the BID would NOT offer to abate their tax on us and a BID’s Employees would ALWAYS BE PAID – are you and your employees guaranteed a check during this crisis? We MUST never lose sight of our welfare – no one else will help us. Keep the pressure up. NOW more than ever WE CANNOT AFFORD ANY NEW TAXES – VOTE NO!

Vote NO 3rd Avenue BID!

You Must Download and Print a paper ballot. Drop off to us at
7515 3rd Ave or give us a call (718)921-6159, we can pick them up.