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    Another Bail out using our tax dollars – taxis!

    More taxes on the way I anticipated this coming when the city began attacking Uber/Lift – remember – govt FEEDS off of money. Taxis before UBER were shit – period – controlled by the city, over priced for crap, filthy service, no accountability – BUT existed BECAUSE the city made MILLIONS off of them – now comes uber and lift and WHAM free enterprise, better service and all of a sudden we upset the politicians money train and BOOM – uber and lift are bad! Well – here ya go NOW the city wants OUR MONEY to bail out their failed plan – basically, we, the people, given a choice…

  • dime bank on 3rd ave is closed
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    DIME Bank on 3rd ave is CLOSED!

    Dime Bank on 3rd ave is closed.Where is the Merchant Association and BID committee? NO WHERE!We went to the bank and said goodby to all employees before they closed – did the BID or merchant association give a damn? – NO!!!!Will the BID or merchant association pay the rent and taxes UNTIL this building is rented? – NOFACTS – No corporation SHOULD EVER support a TAX on property owners and businesses IF they will NEVER pay for the TAX they advocate!A BID is a tax!A BID produces nothing! We received another 4 NO votes this weekend! Register for the FREE business advertising web site:www.BIBNY.ORGWe have better, NO TAX solutions!VOTE NO…

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    Your water and Sewer bill have Gone UP!

    Have you checked your WATER & SEWER Bill? The city RAISED the prices quietly! My bills went from $800 to almost $1200. How much more can we raise prices to pay for the citys wasteful spending? I am NOT against anything – ONLY the same failed ways of doing things in the past – there are BETTER solutions We make it too easy for our politicians to spend our money. Hold them all accountable for EVERY penny. We cannot afford another tax – VOTE NO TO THE 3RD AVE BID TAX! Save the $12090 – $1500 per year per building to start! NO NEW TAXES

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    Taxes and Tolls HAVE RISEN!

    Bridge’s and Tunnels have gone up! $16.00 each way!! We NEED to stop the insanity! NO NEW TAXES! How much more can we all afford to pay? NO matter how good the economy is doing – THEY keep spending more! How much more can you raise the rents? How many more items must you sell JUST to pay for the BID tax? – Insurance – Business Licenses – Property taxes – Water / Sewer Taxes – Fines – Parking Meters NOW they want a BID tax? Vote NO to the 3rd ave BID tax! STOP THE INSANITY! STOP THE CORROSIVE SPENDING! STOP THE TAX ON OUR PROPERTIES AND BUSINESSES!

  • bibny.org features businesses in brooklyn new york

    Advertise your business for FREE!

    Until the 3rd ave BID is dead, We will be offering to advertise ANY merchant on any 3rd and 5th ave for FREE! Businesses in Brooklyn NY (BIBNY) will offer merchant spotlights, promote new businesses and advertise for all businesses! We have a NO BID TAX solution! This is what they are afraid of – successful thinking! Sign your business up today! www.bibny.org

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    Talking points proved – a BID is useless

    Talking points proved that a BID is a useless TAX burden on all of us. You be the judge. The 5th ave BID web site – https://www.bayridgebid.com/ proves 100% that a BID is a waste of our tax dollars! THIS IS THE ADVERTISING THEY WILL DO FOR US? This site is ancient, childish and boring – hardly any way to compete with amazon – right bob howe? You would NOT pay me if i created this crap for your business and you SHOULD NOT!!!! But 5th ave merchants and owners paid over $6 million dollars for this!Our noibidonb3rdave web site is better than this! This is 12 years in the…

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    3rd ave Bank Branch Closing

    DIME bank on 76st and 3rd ave will be closing their branch in January. This leaves another store for rent and PROVES our point – big corporations and their employees should NEVER support a tax on property owners. Banks can close branches at will and NEVER pay for a BID TAX. Signature and Northfield bank and their employees will NEVER pay for a BID TAX – WE WILL! These corporations should VOTE NO to a BID TAX that they will never pay for. Their employees should IMMEDIATELY STEP down from the BID steering committee since they will NEVER pay out of their pockets. FACTS not feelings my friends! VOTE NO…

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    3rd ave Festival Successful?

    I walked the festival yesterday, paid my $14 for a sausage and pepper hero, ate Zeppoli, listened to music and chatted with friends. Was a nice day and it was fun. BUT was it successful? Lets define successful for a street fair and how it relates to a BID TAX. To claim success is NOT to take pictures of people eating or the people walking the streets. Successful needs to be how many of our fellow merchants PARTICIPATED and benefited from this fair. Was it worth their yearly dues? Did they make the money back? A BID stands for Business Improvement – hence did the fair IMPROVE our local businesses.…

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