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    We MUST fight to save our businesses not hide

    Here we go again – the meaningless failed association has come out of hiding – “play music and smile” all while your business cannot open, you cant pay mortgage, your tenants cant pay rent, your taxes are going up (like we said) AND NOW THEY WANT TO CHARGE US $3 FOR EVERY PACKAGE WE ORDER AND GET DELIVERED!!!!!!!!! YES – kumbyyaaa – We need leaders that can mobilize us to fight back – yes this is a fight – a fight for survival, our business, property and lives!!!!!!!!!! Whos still at the failed merchant association? Who is still there with the SAME OLD failed ideas! STOP THE NONSENSE – THEY…

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    Meters have gone up!

    Just noticed the meters on 3rd ave and probably the entire city have gone up! $1.50 an hour and $4.00 for 2 hours – WE TOLD YOU! WE SCREAMED IT EVERY DAY! THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING! While we have been hiding under our desks the city if screwing us! What would a BID have done? nothing! Ask your friend bob howe and his band of tax collectors what would they have done – ASK your elected official brannan. Oh BUT we have christmas lights! Oh wonderful! The meter maids are ticketing like ants to honey, businesses being strangled, taxes, insurance and everything else going UPPPPPPP – Whats the solution?…

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    Remember when The failed merchant association, bob howe and his merry band of tax collectors as well as batman brannan TOLD us “There is no other way” we could have lights on 3rd ave for the holidays UNLESS we are taxed with a BID? Remember when WE said “there is always another way”? Remember when we said “why cant brannan get funding for lights and we all help?” WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL WE WERE RIGHT! There is a donation page for Christmas lights for 3rd ave and we hear (tell us please) batman Brannan got some money to help – WONDERFUL! REMEMBER WHEN THEY TELL YOU THERE IS NO OTHER WAY SO THEY…

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    Failed 86st BID – Where are they now?

    For years the 86st BID has raped your pockets with their BID tax – and for what? Nothing! They have gotten their salaries and hid whilst you struggled for your business – They never anticipated the death of century 21 or the tombstones of for rent stores. Yet they sat back like fat cats and continued to tax you. During this crisis they continued to be paid – have you? Vote the 85st Street FAILED BID OUT – save your money – NO MORE TAXES!

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    Does anybody miss the festival, walks or parades?

    We stated this a while ago, when the FAILED 3rd ave merchant association wanted to tax us with a BID – we asked “if we did not have the walks or festivals would it really matter? Well the social experiment was forced on us by this virus – and now that those events have been cancelled, we believe the facts state NO the events were not necessary or demanded by the majority of the businesses on 3rd ave. Dont get this wrong, we enjoyed the Ragamuffin parade, but after 40+ years it got tired and for the past years looked so. The festival and walks really are not missed as…

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    Only a BID will hail a major business closing as a GOOD Thing!

    Protecting their OWN pockets while taxing us. The 86th street BID, that expensive failure that never stops taking your money wants us to believe that the “LINES around the block” are a good thing. In realty they are the people purchasing the discounted items from a CLOSING store that was the anchor for the area – once this store is gone – we dare say the rest of the 3 blocks of 86st will wither away – Modells is gone, now Century the largest stores – YET THE 86ST BID LIKE ALL BIDS STAFF HAVE AND ALWAYS WILL GOTTEN PAID – have you? ask condren that – has he gotten…

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    Protecting their income by taxing us

    They come out of the woodwork WHEN THEIR MONEY STREAM IS THREATENED – Failed 86st street BID – has he gotten paid during this crisis? have you? All quiet during the years of failures and increases to YOUR TAXES but now they pop their heads to protect their money stream – 86st businesses and property owners – VOTE TO GET RID OF THIS TAX!

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    Demand our tax dollars Back!

    Remember this? Howe, his cohorts and brannan Used $65,000 OF OUR TAX DOLLARS to try to force a tax on us with a bid! Imagine if we had that $36,000 now? We could have maybe helped some of our fellow businesses STAY IN BUSINESS during this virus. We should demand our money back OR at least accountability of how it was PISSED AWAY – lets demand answers!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The death of 86th Street?

    The death of 86st?? When a retail area relies on a single point for most of their foot traffic and build infrastructure around it while satellite stores feed off of it, its collapse can mean devastation – so may be 86st where Century 21 was by far the largest draw of foot traffic to the area. Traffic patterns, busses, trains all were geared to this single block of retail – NOW its gone. Only time will tell what will happen. HOWEVER, the 86st BID STILL will suck the pockets dry of the the avenue. Where were they during the crisis? What words of wisdom did they have for this problem…

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