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    Judging a BIDS Success

    There can be NO generalities Repeating “IT WORKS – IT WORKS” does not make it so.We need specifics on exactly what we are paying for and how we can determine if the BID is an actual success. Each item that is proposed for the BID must have, in detail, the costs & services we will receive and HOW it will be measured for success. Read More If an item is Marketing, than we need to know how much will be spent, what venues will marketing be concentrated, what type of marketing will be done (if you are a 99 cent store, marketing pizza is not beneficial) and HOW we will…

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    5 Million and Counting.

    After spending over $5 Million the avenue is dirty and the cheap BID signs are small and barely visible. Money well spent? Do we want to follow their example? A sad graveyard of it’s former self. Walking down 5th ave today I was taken aback by its decay and 3rd world feel. Myself and a friend commented simultaneously how dirty and unsafe we felt. Homeless, bottle collectors, the garbage combined with the gloomy and dirty looking stores was a realization of the failed BID and the govt’s policies in general. The kicker was the BID cleaner sweeping the street whilst a Sanitation agent tickets a building for garbage! – As…

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    Will A New BID For Bay Ridge Bring It Back The Way It Was?

    By Ben Verde -July 26, 2019Read Article at Bklyner A proposed Third Avenue Business Improvement District is proving to be a hard sell to Bay Ridge merchants and building owners. During a public hearing Thursday night, BID supporters took a grilling from skeptical business owners, many of whom said the proposed fees were unnecessary, and did not trust that the agreed-upon fees would not be raised. James Ellis, a consultant hired by BID supporters, got into several spats with attendees, at one point telling a woman he was exchanging words with she “could leave” if she was done speaking. “I’m involved in several bids,” said Anthony Pennachio, a property owner on Third…

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    July 25th BID Meeting Highlights

    $560,000 Budget!  $45,000/month – and they could not tell us how they arrived at that number and who was getting it! $240,000 Administration COSTS – HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  120K for marketing?  We were greeted with a vague presentation of how great a BID is and how it benefits us all. No details on exact services, no metrics for success – all we heard was emotion and nostalgia of how it used to be and how we MUST address this crisis or we will have other opportunity to fix it.  They filled 80% of the time with members of BID’s that have been “successful” – Park Slope and 5th Ave.  They spoke…

  • 3rd Ave BID

    July 25 10am & 7pm VOTE NO to the 3rd ave BID

    2 Meetings same day – PLEASE ATTEND July 25th, 10am and 7pmSt Mary’s Antiochian Orthodox Church192 81st Street All MUST attend to voice our NO vote against the 3rd ave BID! Now is the time to STOP the BID before it consumes your hard earned money. Remember, once a BID is started its almost IMPOSSIBLE to STOP and requires more and more money each year. Already it wants to suck $550,000 a yer form us – does any of us make $550,000 a year profit? Anyone? Just ask about the 5th ave BID – millions spent for nothing.

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    $900 A Year To START!

    As I been stating, the 3rd ave BID will begin costs at $900 per year per owner!!!! That’s another $83 a month to start!!! Remember i have a lot of experience with BIDS and they always increase in cost. The NY BID is now over $3000 per year! We all must have begun receiving the letter from the FAILED 3rd ave merchant association informing us of the PRIVILEGE to pay them. Turn over the page and review the planner of this theft! The SAME people that failed us for years at the Merchant association! These same failures want a guaranteed $600,000 a year to start from us. Lets review the…

Vote NO 3rd Avenue BID!

You Must Download and Print a paper ballot. Drop off to us at
7515 3rd Ave or give us a call (718)921-6159, we can pick them up.