3rd Ave BID

Just The BID Facts

Over $1000 per property owner a year
Starting Budget: $560,000
Starting Salaries: $250,000.

It’s being said that BID opposition is propaganda – we don’t know the facts. So lets have ONLY the facts about a BID.

  1. BID board members are employees – they get a salary – ask 5th ave!
  2. A BID is a TAX – an assessment tax, meaning the government enforces collection. If you dont pay your TAXES, you will be fined and a lien be placed on your property – A TAX INDEED
  3. This Assessment TAX – once begun, can NEVER be removed
  4. A BID’s budget is NOT CAPPED – EXPENSES ALWAYS GO UP – hence a BID’s budget will always be approved for an increase. NY Chinatown BID Needs a Massive Increase in Money!
  5. The 3rd ave BIDS budget is over 50% for salaries/management! – $560,000 total with $240,000 for salaries!
  6. A BID has NO measurement for success – a BID has no measurements – its all “feelings”. You CANNOT choose to NOT pay for a BID – it always consumes your money.
  7. A BIDS supposed services have zero impact on our businesses – are 5th ave’s streets cleaner? Do the green planters make a difference in our businesses or do they just have maintenance fees? Does ANYONE see the 5th ave SMALL signs HIGH up on the poles? Do lights really cost $560,000 a year? Has any BID increased anyone business enough to justify millions and millions of dollars spent? Do benches generate more business or act as a bed for the homeless?
  8. A BID does NOT increase property values – it increases your property taxes!  Why would higher taxes increase your property value? NO MORE TAXES!
  9. Do the Holiday lights and few festivals, REALLY increase business? What is the community participation rate? 3rd ave has less than 30% of their businesses actually participating – the rest are OUTSIDE VENDORS charging $12.00 for a sausage roll and $8.00 for a fried oreo – who is making the money? outside vendors or the actual people PAYING for there BID to sponsor these events? Ask the hard questions, the answers may be hard to handle
  10. 5th Ave bid spent over 5 million dollars and counting – is it better – no

Vote NO 3rd Avenue BID!

You Must Download and Print a paper ballot. Drop off to us at
7515 3rd Ave or give us a call (718)921-6159, we can pick them up.