3rd ave bid budget
3rd Ave BID

The BID Budget – no details!

The 3rd ave BID – follow the money. Their budget shows $45,600 for ADVOCACY. Does that mean we will be paying off our politicians? NOW we know why “they” ARE for the BID

They need to prove to us – the people paying for this – hence

We need a detailed budget with contracts, vendors and exactly what this will be spent on – we have been asking – if they want out tax money forever – we deserve to know exactly where our money will go.

Always follow the money – $155,000 for salaries! $150,000 for trash removal – are you kidding us! A BID IS A TAX – it makes us pay EXTRA for services we already have, it never ends, always increases – VOTE NO

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Vote NO 3rd Avenue BID!

You Must Download and Print a paper ballot. Drop off to us at
7515 3rd Ave or give us a call (718)921-6159, we can pick them up.