The will NEVER pay the bid tax


  • MOST on the BID committee do not own property on 3rd
  • Most do not have a business on 3rd, many do not live on 3rd ave
  • Some beg on the internet for money

These are the people who want to tax us with a BID! No skin in the game, they will never pay for this tax they want to force on us. IF THE MERCHANT ASSOCIATION CANT COLLECT ITS FEES NOW, WHY WOULD WE Want to be forced to pay? – YOU MEAN IF YOU DON’T WANT TO PAY THE MERCHANT FEES NOW, YOU WILL WANT TO BE TAXED AND PAY FOREVER? A bid is a lie! ask them to answer this question! They said it – they dont collect enough money hence they need a bid tax on ALL of us!

a bid is a tax, no new taxes, a bid always increases, no new taxes
VOTE NO TO THE 3rd ave BID tax!

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Vote NO 3rd Avenue BID!

You Must Download and Print a paper ballot. Drop off to us at
7515 3rd Ave or give us a call (718)921-6159, we can pick them up.