3rd Ave BID

How can we recover?

Not AFTER the crisis, we need a plan NOW on how we are going to recover – if we can. Lets take ideas as we are all home – stop listening to the depressing repetitive news – plan your business recovery!

REMEMBER the BIG BOYS: Insurance companies, Banks, Credit cards etc.. ALL ALREADY INSTITUTED RECOVERY PLANS!

Hold all politicians accountable for our recovery – we don’t need them repeating what we hear 24×7 on the radio – we need them to LEAD and give us a plan on recovery!

We need a survey of ALL businesses and properties on 3rd ave. We need to know the following:

  • Who closed
  • How Long closed
  • Number of employees
  • Any Tenants cant pay rent?
  • Type of business
  • Approx business loss – take last years same period 4 months and add together
  • Did you pay your employees during the crisis? If so amount of payroll

With this information, we can goto the city and as ONE VOICE, request we get relief and make a deal if we can.

YOU MUST DO THIS – NO ONE WILL HELP US – make no mistake every “big company” is ALREADY covered – are you?

If this lasts another 30 days, that means it will take about 60 days to begin come back – can ANYONE LAST WITHOUT INCOME for 4-5 months – NO?

Every politicians IS NOT IN THE SAME BOAT – they are guaranteed a check (notice how they did not donate their salary to buy supplies – telling)

What we have done to recover and protect our lives:

  • If business closed/slowed – put all/some employers on unemployment DO NOT BURN THROUGH YOUR RESERVES
  • Call every bank that has your mortgage’s – tell them the issue – they will give 3 months no payment etc.. and add it to your back end loan term – that’s 3 months no payments to recover
  • Call every credit card you have request same – most give 3 months no payment/internet /penalty – some STILL charge interest – CANCEL THEIR CARD IMMEDIATELY – like we did
  • Call utilities – gas/electric/phone/internet– they are offering similar
  • If you have leases for cars or equipment – call – they WILL do something
  • ALL DEMAND from the city same deferment of property taxes/water bills – remember we are home the water bills are soaring!
  • Fill out the SBA and PPP (payroll protection plan) loans


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