• 3rd Ave BID

    Its OK we collect these taxes says the 3rd ave BID

    “Its OK we collect these TAXES” says the 3rd ave bid web site BID web site while posting pictures of businesses and people THAT VOTED NO TO THE BID! Very deceptive! A BID is a TAX, A BID never goes away, A BID always increases! The city is NOW charging ALL of us for our storefronts – we are being taxed for having a business! A BID will be an ADDITIONAL DOUBLE TAX on all of us.

  • 3rd Ave BID

    New Tax on Merchants

    NEW TAX ON BUSINESSES!! The city of new york wants you to register your store front to TAX YOU EVERY YEAR! A NEW TAX! FACTS not feelings! The city is creating new ways to take our money – EVERYONE WILL PAY THIS NEW TAX! THEY SAY “IT WILL HELP THE CITY EVALUATE OPTIONS FOR SUPPORTING STOREFRONT BUSINESSES” is not his a bid? double tax whammy A bid now is a double tax! WE MUST ALL VOTE NO TO THE 3RD AVE BID TAX! We cannot afford anymore – www.nobidon3rdave.com We pay yearly for a license We NOW MUST ALSO pay YEARLY for the store front! Awnings? What next! Wait watch…

  • 3rd Ave BID

    4 More NO Votes today!

    93st and 3rd ave came through – 2 more NO votes arrived by email JUST now. We the property owners and merchants of 3rd ave have spoken – no BID on 3rd ave – no new taxes call, email and visit councilman brannan – tell him to NOT support another tax on us – he MUST listen to his voting constituents let him hear our dissent on the BID tax they want to impose on us vote no to the 3rd ave bid tax www.nobidon3rdave.com no new taxes! Property owners on 86st and 3rd – “thank you for doing this, spoke to a few friends today about the BID they…

  • 3rd Ave BID

    Your Property taxes have gone up!!

    Its the start of the new year – the city is $6 Billion in the hole soooooooooooo – we get our property tax assessments and they have GONE UP!!! Watch your mail, be prepared for “them” to take more of your money! Taxes are increasing – we cannot afford another tax – vote NO to the 3rd ave BID tax!

  • 3rd Ave BID

    “Its too expensive” 3rd ave Property owner on the 3rd ave BID

    Another day another 2 property owner NO VOTES – just now – in real time! “it’s WAY TOO EXPENSIVE for not enough benefit” We agree. A BID is a tax – i am repeating this over and over and the word is out! Its time to change the “tax and spend” mantra, its time to think differently – MOST BIDS are expensive, never ending failures – I pay for them! Keep the pressure up! NO NEW TAXES, NO NEW TAXES email and call brannans office – he supports this tax on all of us – tell him no – listen to your constituents! Sign the petition, its time to take…

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    Tell our politicians NO NEW TAXES – Sign the petition

    Its time to bring this battler over the BID TAX to our politicians! Click the petition and send it to them – its fast and simple. They must hear our voices for no new taxes – this is a fight for everyone on 3rd ave. NO NEW TAXES! Let our voices be heard loud and clear! A BID is a tax Our electric and heating costs HAVE risen Our taxes are going up The city is $6 billion short – we will pay! Bridge/tunnels tolls HAVE risen VOTE NO TO THE 3rd AVE BID TAX! SIGN THIS PETITION!

  • 3rd Ave BID,  Discussions

    Another Bail out using our tax dollars – taxis!

    More taxes on the way I anticipated this coming when the city began attacking Uber/Lift – remember – govt FEEDS off of money. Taxis before UBER were shit – period – controlled by the city, over priced for crap, filthy service, no accountability – BUT existed BECAUSE the city made MILLIONS off of them – now comes uber and lift and WHAM free enterprise, better service and all of a sudden we upset the politicians money train and BOOM – uber and lift are bad! Well – here ya go NOW the city wants OUR MONEY to bail out their failed plan – basically, we, the people, given a choice…

  • say NO to the 3rd ave BID
    3rd Ave BID

    Post to your social media to get the word out!

    6:30 am I was greeted by a property owner waiting in front of my office to hand me a NO vote.His taxes went up and he is disgusted with the ever increasing costs of owing properties and doing business in NY. WE, THE PEOPLE, HAVE SPOKEN – NO NEW TAXES Post this to ALL your social media sites and groups – the merchant association and BID WILL NOT ALLOW us to post on their groups – WHY – they are afraid of the truth!use these hash tags and others u may know of:#makeabidonthird #merchantsof3rdavenue #mo3A #bayridge #brooklyn #bayridgebrooklyn #smallbusiness #bayridge3rdavenue #shopdinestroll #justinbrannan THINK how many more items you must sell…

  • 3rd Ave BID

    BIDS are a TAX!

    A business improvement district (BID) is a defined area within which businesses are required to pay an ADDITIONAL TAX (or levy) in order to fund projects within the district’s boundaries. The BID is often funded primarily through the levy but can also draw on other public and private funding streams. DOUBLE TAXED! These districts typically fund services which are PERCEIVED (FEELINGS NOT FACTS) by some businesses as being inadequately performed by government with its existing tax revenues, such as cleaning streets, providing security, making capital improvements, construction of pedestrian and streetscape enhancements, and marketing the area. The services provided by BIDs are supplemental to those already provided by the municipality.…

Vote NO 3rd Avenue BID!

You Must Download and Print a paper ballot. Drop off to us at
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