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    Chinatown BID – Income and Expenses 2016

    If you compare and contrast the Chinatown BID Income and Expense report to the 5th ave in Brooklyn’s one, you will notice quite a startling similarity. Chinatown BID 2016 – 2017 Financials Like the 5th ave BID, it has taken weeks to get information from the Chinatown BID in regards to detail and clarification as to the actual expenditures. BID’s do NOT like to give up the details. I am involved in a few of these BIDS and can say they rarely give up the details easily. WHY? well if they did, than anyone looking objectively at the information may question the BID’s existence. This is a known tactic of…

  • 3rd ave vacant store
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    More 3rd ave Store for rent!

    18 and counting! The tombstones of the ave seem to be increasing. These are from 75 to 81st – Hopefully not many more towards 100st. Property taxes, death of retail, high rents & operating expenses all contribute to new small business not opening or closing shop. Does anyone have any other ideas why? Let us know. Will a BID solve these problems or increase the financial burden possible pushing others over the edge to close? The city needs money to pay for all the FREE services it want to give away – where will this money come from? US! Current politicians believe we are too rich and should not have…

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    BayRidge Property Taxes – Someone has to pay for all the FREE stuff!

    Have you gotten you property tax assessment yet? Don’t be surprised if it has gone up drastically. Lets be honest – someone has to pay for all the administrations FREE programs – FREE is a 4 letter word – WE pay for the FREE. Will a BID decrease this? Will a BID change this? NO only tax us more! Our supposed leaders like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, blatantly state that our goals are set to high and we should not have what we have but distribute it to others. Who voted for these people? High school politics now running our lives? These people NEVER had a business, NEVER had to make payroll,…

  • Failed 5th Ave BID

    Lets ask a few hard questions:

    $5000 donation – was this political? Can we enumerate this actual expense? Advertising – can they enumerate what this was spent on with examples and how they track it. $168k is spent to clean the streets – how many times a day/week and times is this service performed? $38k for security – can they provide their approx. schedule for verification or at least the contract and responsibilities of the private security. How many empty stores on average per year were there BEFORE and AFTER the BID? MOST IMPORTANT: Can they advise how the BID measures success in terms of BEFORE and AFTER – what metrics are they using and can…

  • Failed 5th Ave BID

    5th Avenue’s 450,000 a year BID: Has it made 5th Ave Better?

    5th Avenue BID Financials Explained (Click to view larger) How your money will be spent or wasted. You make the decision. $167,000 + to clean the sidewalk! is 5th ave cleaner? Was it dirtier before the BID? No one keeps track. On 3rd ave, we have the city using “low level law breakers” to clean the streets – We see them all the time cleaning with their brooms and pails. Will the BID pay for any sanitation tickets we can still get if we don’t sweep our store fronts – NO! Can we sue the BID if we are paying for a cleaning service yet receive a fine? Advertising/Marketing –…

  • 3rd ave vacancies

    My God – So many Empty Stores!

    Happy new Year! Just today I was walking down third ave from 75 st to 67 st and MY GOD i noticed 10 vacant stores in 8 blocks! I have not checked upwards from 75st to 90st yet. I have not seen this many vacant stores in quite some time. These stores make the avenue look – well – desolate & abandoned. Why so many stores not rented yet? Well it could just be an aberration that many people went out of business at the same time and these stores will be rented quickly. It can be that retail is losing more and more steam as on-line stores become the…

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