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    Until the 3rd ave BID is dead, We will be offering to advertise ANY merchant on any 3rd and 5th ave for FREE! Businesses in Brooklyn NY (BIBNY) will offer merchant spotlights, promote new businesses and advertise for all businesses! We have a NO BID TAX solution! This is what they are afraid of – successful thinking! Sign your business up today! www.bibny.org

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    Talking points proved – a BID is useless

    Talking points proved that a BID is a useless TAX burden on all of us. You be the judge. The 5th ave BID web site – https://www.bayridgebid.com/ proves 100% that a BID is a waste of our tax dollars! THIS IS THE ADVERTISING THEY WILL DO FOR US? This site is ancient, childish and boring – hardly any way to compete with amazon – right bob howe? You would NOT pay me if i created this crap for your business and you SHOULD NOT!!!! But 5th ave merchants and owners paid over $6 million dollars for this!Our noibidonb3rdave web site is better than this! This is 12 years in the…

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    3rd ave Bank Branch Closing

    DIME bank on 76st and 3rd ave will be closing their branch in January. This leaves another store for rent and PROVES our point – big corporations and their employees should NEVER support a tax on property owners. Banks can close branches at will and NEVER pay for a BID TAX. Signature and Northfield bank and their employees will NEVER pay for a BID TAX – WE WILL! These corporations should VOTE NO to a BID TAX that they will never pay for. Their employees should IMMEDIATELY STEP down from the BID steering committee since they will NEVER pay out of their pockets. FACTS not feelings my friends! VOTE NO…

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    3rd ave Festival Successful?

    I walked the festival yesterday, paid my $14 for a sausage and pepper hero, ate Zeppoli, listened to music and chatted with friends. Was a nice day and it was fun. BUT was it successful? Lets define successful for a street fair and how it relates to a BID TAX. To claim success is NOT to take pictures of people eating or the people walking the streets. Successful needs to be how many of our fellow merchants PARTICIPATED and benefited from this fair. Was it worth their yearly dues? Did they make the money back? A BID stands for Business Improvement – hence did the fair IMPROVE our local businesses.…

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    Business Improvement Districts Ruin Neighborhoods

    To pave paradise and put up a retail parking lot, try founding one. By Max Rivlin-Nadler February 19, 2016Read full article in The new republic The PROOF is in the FACTS – BIDS are TAXES – BIDS CAN NEVER BE REMOVED – BIDS DONT WORK AS YOU ARE TOLD! If the BID model continues to proliferate, the commons that make a city great could be completely at the disposal of a single class, one that’s inherently opposed to discourse and organizing. Is this NOT what the 3rd ave BID is doing? And while cities like New York, Raleigh, San Francisco, and Phoenix are all in a rush to expand these…

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    The CRAP continues

    67th and 3rd off Senator street. Our city is descending into a medieval place! A HOMELESS person CRAPPED on a residents car – they called police, police did NOTHING! Thank you elected officials – its time to stop the madness – vote them all out of office Will a BID TAX remove this? NO!!!!!!!!!

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    A BID cannot rent our stores

    Article on PATCH.com – many vacant store fronts in park slope and 5th & 7th – the point is that a BID cannot do anything to help rent those empty stores – they are an expensive powerless entities – A TAX THAT NEVER GOES AWAY AND PRODUCES NOTHING! Ask the HARD questions – how will a BID rent our stores? We want facts not feelings and maybes – show us the numbers of ANY BID that can rent a store for us – we keep our side walks clean, we advertise – WITHOUT A BID TAX! Let the restaurants pay for the festivals! VOTE NO for the 3rd ave BID…

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