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    More wasteful spending!

    Here we go! Another $1 billion of our tax dollars wasted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE are the dumb bastards for allowing this! Ask our elected officials if they support this waste THAN VOTE THEM OUT! https://nypost.com/2021/05/06/de-blasio-rebrands-wifes-1b-thrivenyc-makes-program-permanent/?utm_source=facebook_sitebuttons&utm_medium=site%20buttons&utm_campaign=site%20buttons&fbclid=IwAR3g61uX8gA2kYkhx5c3lFyje4C1v32yWs6EpzmAWuLLLiU2b7UD-n0zSjk

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    More useless bike lanes!

    Here we go again! Our moronic local politicians cannot find a few dollars for lights for our ave YET can spend BILLIONS of our tax dollars for useless bike lanes! We are not CHINA! How many parking spots are gone? Why dont these few bikers need insurance, training, helmets/protective clothing and bike inspections? They are sharing our road and a moving vehicle! VOTE ANYONE THAT SUPPORTS THIS OUT! DUMB BASTARDS! Notice the “old guard” that wants to tax us with a BID are quiet on the 3rd ave front! #3rdave #3rdAvenue #bayridge #5thavebid https://www.brooklynpaper.com/fort-hamilton-parkway…/…

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    Best Left to memory!

    We have heard the “old guard’s” of 3rd ave say “we need our traditions back, we need festivals and a parade!” Whos’s traditions are these? certainly not ours. The Ragamuffin parade became a former shell of its original self BEST LEFT TO MEMORY – like many things of the past we look upon now with nostalgia but in realty we know they had a place and time and are not relevant or taste as good today. If you have not been hiding this past year and a half, you will have noticed that a lot of restaurants have extended their businesses to outdoor dining. They created these street parking hoggin…

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    Toll Hikes Can we survive NY?

    During this crisis, when WE are shutdown and our income is turned off, when tenants cant pay rent, – our govt decides to raise taxes and tolls on us. Its time to vote them all out! https://abc7ny.com/mta-approves-bridge-tunnel-toll-hikes-delays-transit-fare-increase/10350889/?fbclid=IwAR2wNtyDoAEWHUE3U5wzjDEdOx4sy_ZFbnfk0sEa5aff4GsR9so641vzjjQ

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    The 86st BID failure – time to disband them

    86st is a desolate place! MANY MANY stores going out – Now TJMAX! I think the 86st BID NEEDS to answer a lot of questions. Millions of dollars Stolen from these merchants for what? AHHH YES – lights again! THANK GOD we stopped these TAX COLLECTORS from further destroying 3rd ave! Its time 86st BID GIVE THEIR MONEY BACK to the remaining merchants and disband! They have been collecting this TAX for years for nothing! There is always hope, always a solver lining – but there are many pieces of the chess board moving and so far our king is backed into a corner If those 3 blocks of 86st…

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    WE got NO relief!

    This is the baby nonsense we get from out politicians! They JUSt passed a relief bill that gave us CRAP! $600? another LOAN maybe, and still months we lost our businesses income – HOW BOUT PROPERTY TAX RELIEF! ENOUGH – WE MUST RALLY AND FIGHT BACK! And for the love of GOD, who the hell is speaking on behalf of the DEAD 3rd ave merchants? The same old useless crap!DID WE FORGET GOUNARDES SUPPORTS DEFUNDING THE POLICE, RIOTING AND LOOTING?

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    We MUST fight to save our businesses not hide

    Here we go again – the meaningless failed association has come out of hiding – “play music and smile” all while your business cannot open, you cant pay mortgage, your tenants cant pay rent, your taxes are going up (like we said) AND NOW THEY WANT TO CHARGE US $3 FOR EVERY PACKAGE WE ORDER AND GET DELIVERED!!!!!!!!! YES – kumbyyaaa – We need leaders that can mobilize us to fight back – yes this is a fight – a fight for survival, our business, property and lives!!!!!!!!!! Whos still at the failed merchant association? Who is still there with the SAME OLD failed ideas! STOP THE NONSENSE – THEY…

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    Meters have gone up!

    Just noticed the meters on 3rd ave and probably the entire city have gone up! $1.50 an hour and $4.00 for 2 hours – WE TOLD YOU! WE SCREAMED IT EVERY DAY! THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING! While we have been hiding under our desks the city if screwing us! What would a BID have done? nothing! Ask your friend bob howe and his band of tax collectors what would they have done – ASK your elected official brannan. Oh BUT we have christmas lights! Oh wonderful! The meter maids are ticketing like ants to honey, businesses being strangled, taxes, insurance and everything else going UPPPPPPP – Whats the solution?…

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    Remember when The failed merchant association, bob howe and his merry band of tax collectors as well as batman brannan TOLD us “There is no other way” we could have lights on 3rd ave for the holidays UNLESS we are taxed with a BID? Remember when WE said “there is always another way”? Remember when we said “why cant brannan get funding for lights and we all help?” WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL WE WERE RIGHT! There is a donation page for Christmas lights for 3rd ave and we hear (tell us please) batman Brannan got some money to help – WONDERFUL! REMEMBER WHEN THEY TELL YOU THERE IS NO OTHER WAY SO THEY…

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