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    Its time to open people!

    Where is your outcry to protect your business and families? Are we all super rich that we can do this forever? HAVE YOU ALL PAID YOUR BILLS AND RENT? What about your employees? The virus is no longer news, wear a mask stay apart if you wish BUT open for business!ONLY WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!Dont ever forget the 3rd ave merchants use the association for their own personal advertising and agenda – THEY DO NOT SPEAK FOR US.

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    Merchant of 3rd ave SUPPORT the burning of our cities!

    OH MY GOD – The Merchants of 3rd ave SUPPORT the BURNING AND LOOTING OF OUR CITIES!!!!!!!! We cannot believe this! They have NOW gone too far – they MUST disband IMMEDIATELY – These people condone the terrorist, looters and destruction of our cities and businesses!!!!!!!! https://www.facebook.com/ThirdAvenueBayRidge/photos/a.256976094363131/3169736219753756/?type=3&theater

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    Business Recovery Team

    We assembled a team to help you get back to business! ONLY YOU can save your business! Bulldogtech on 3rd ave – Will provide FREE checkup for your POS & Computers – be ready for customers FREE web site design, hosting and advertising on BIBBY.ORG FREE 30 day IT service contract to ANY business We have the Property tax lawyer Ready We have an Accountant Ready We can help you speak to your banks for mortgage abatement We have tenant rental abatement letters ready We can help with the Payroll Protection program We have a locksmith for your locks We have a Rolling Gate company if your gates need repair…

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    Do NOT be a Statistic!

    DON’T BE A STATISTIC! How to survive another 30 days – ONLY YOU can save your business, property and lives. We are not here to repeat the same thing you hear 24×7 – its all “come by ya” CRAP! WE NEED A RECOVERY PLAN – if we have another 30 days of shutdown that means 90 says for ANY business to open and people to come back – NO ONE ELSE WILL HELP YOU – local leaders are GUARANTEED A PAYCHECK – they are not going through this with us. DEMAND a recovery plan! Solutions – not baby talk – we know many businesses NOT coming back – don’t be…

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    bibny.org – Our NO TAX Solution

    Merchants of 3rd ave WEB SITE! We promised a NO TAX solution – “They” said it could not be done! “They” want an expensive BID TAX for the SAME service! 5th ave spent $300,000 for this! We did it for $0.00! WELCOME TO BIBNY.ORG!Businesses in Brooklyn New York!www.bibny.org We will do the promotions, merchant spotlights and promote NEW businesses on your new web site! Its NOT FREE its $60 per year – that’s $5 a month – cancel at any time! The BID wants to charge us $550,000 a YEAR forever for the SAME service that you CANNOT cancel! As we have been saying – there are NO TAX solutions!Stay tuned…

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    Its always about money and power

    While you were hiding and making stupid tic-toc videos – your political leaders were plotting to take more of your money! Despite pandemic, agency handling city fines still going strongUnlike much of the city bureacracy that shutdown during the pandemic, the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings, OATH, immediately switched to remote operation, using online video and phones.

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    have you paid your bills?

    Who has paid their Rent? Mortgage? Insurance? Taxes? Electric? Gas? Car Insurance?????? How long can we stay closed? How long can we open/close/open/close – see-sawing our lives into oblivion. ITS TIME TO GET BACK TO WORK – ITS TIME TO OPEN! What phase they up to 23? BACK TO WORK! TAXES WILL GO UP! VOTE THEM ALL OUT!

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    We warned, We Advised, We begged – BUT you kept hiding, The word came from on high – they told their meaningless minions – prepare your sheep for slaughter! We need more money! Butter them up, tell them how good they are THAN while they smile and hide – TAX THEM TO DEATH!ONLY YOURSELVES TO BLAME – YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE Buried in Brannans Meaningless Soliloquy:“But given that the city’s only mechanism for raising revenue is going to be through property taxes, I don’t know how much more urgent it could be to ensure the taxes are done in a way that is fair”

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    Fight for your survival – no one else will

    Are we still closed? How long can you stay like this? WHY are we all not fighting for survival – has anyone looked at 3rd ave lately? We have – been here almost 30 years – starting to look like a 3rd world country – still no garbage cans, notice the garbage in the streets? NO ONE is going to save us – BUT US! The merchant association SUPPORTS the looking and riots, local politicians are NOT on our side – WE MUST TAKE CONTROL – OPEN YOUR BUSINESS TODAY – wear a mask, stay apart – BUT OPEN! Pay your rent? Pay Your Employees? BUT YOU MUST PAY YOUR…

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    We told you – While you were hiding, They planned. NOW WHAT PEOPLE? Insurers request nearly 12% increase in premiums New York insurers selling plans to individuals asked the state to raise rates by a weighted average of 11.7%, with some citing Covid-19 as necessitating higher premiums next year. Read More >

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    BIDS DONT WORK – BIDS ARE TAXES WE CANNOT AFFORD, BIDS do nothing, BIDS always need more money, VOTE NO TO THE 3rd AVE BID TAX! Councilman Justin Brannan State Senator Andrew Gounardes Mathylde Frontus For NYS Assembly Max Rose Eric Adams Robin Mui Kenny GuanRandy Peers Thank GOD we did not pass BID. This could have been us. Tone deaf. Chinatown BID has done NOTHING. I know because I work in Chinatown. This is another way to take money from hard working small business owners and property owners by the city. They can’t manage money and you want to give them more? I’m glad renters that are struggling get…

Vote NO 3rd Avenue BID!

You Must Download and Print a paper ballot. Drop off to us at
7515 3rd Ave or give us a call (718)921-6159, we can pick them up.