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    3rd Ave BID

    bibny.org – Our NO TAX Solution

    Merchants of 3rd ave WEB SITE! We promised a NO TAX solution – “They” said it could not be done! “They” want an expensive BID TAX for the SAME service! 5th ave spent $300,000 for this! We did it for $0.00! WELCOME TO BIBNY.ORG!Businesses in Brooklyn New York!www.bibny.org We will do the promotions, merchant spotlights and promote NEW businesses on your new web site! Its NOT FREE its $60 per year – that’s $5 a month – cancel at any time! The BID wants to charge us $550,000 a YEAR forever for the SAME service that you CANNOT cancel! As we have been saying – there are NO TAX solutions!Stay tuned…

  • 3rd Ave BID

    A BID is a tax – its time we are heard

    I have been thinking, I do it a lot – why do we need a BID tax when all our expenses are up? Ponder as i may the answer did not come – why vote for another tax – which will be more burdensome? We do not pay for the merchant association today so why should we be forced to pay a BID tax forever and a day? Its clear to us, 458 strong, we don’t need another tax and the ones pushing for this have got it all wrong! A BID is a TAX, it can never be removed, it always needs more even if we don’t approve. Vote…

  • 3rd Ave BID

    The Taxi Medallion Bailout

    Vindication that the city knew and capitalized on the taxi drivers. NOW they want money to bail it out – double tax dip on all of us – and they want us to pay for a BID? Vote NO to the 3rd ave BID TAX! AG accuses city of taxi-medallion fraud, seeks $810M for drivers State Attorney General Letitia James says the city fraudulently inflated the value of yellow-cab medallions before they crashed. The attorney general on Thursday formally informed city officials, including the Taxi and Limousine Commission, that she plans to sue for fraud and will seek $810 million to compensate drivers who borrowed money to purchase them. [Crain’s…

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    The will NEVER pay the bid tax

    Facts! MOST on the BID committee do not own property on 3rd Most do not have a business on 3rd, many do not live on 3rd ave Some beg on the internet for money These are the people who want to tax us with a BID! No skin in the game, they will never pay for this tax they want to force on us. IF THE MERCHANT ASSOCIATION CANT COLLECT ITS FEES NOW, WHY WOULD WE Want to be forced to pay? – YOU MEAN IF YOU DON’T WANT TO PAY THE MERCHANT FEES NOW, YOU WILL WANT TO BE TAXED AND PAY FOREVER? A bid is a lie! ask…

  • 3rd Ave BID

    Why would you pay a tax instead of paying merchant fees?

    Ask the BID committee/Merchant association the hard questions. By their OWN admission they cant collect enough money to go on – Think about this: If we don’t voluntarily pay NOW – WHY would we want to be forced to pay with a tax? The merchant association collects less than 30% of their dues because the same old people do the same old things and we the people do not find enough value in it – hence why we do not pay! NOW to punish us, the same people with the same failed ideas want to tax us to pay for their same failures! A BID is a tax, A BID…

  • 3rd Ave BID

    The BID committee has NOT answered your questions.

    ASK the hard questions! How much money is it costing to start the BID? Where are they getting the money for their advertising? Are they using OUR merchant association funds for this? WHY cant Brannan pay for the lights when he can get money for this BID? How much is Perch group being paid? They are being deceptive, they think by NOT answering any questions YOU will forget – imaging AFTER they get $560,000 of our money!3 more property owners voted NO to the 3rd ave BID as of yesterday! ITS TIME TO END THIS TAX! VOTE NO TO ANY NEW TAX!a bid is a tax, a bid always increases,…

  • 3rd Ave BID

    There is ALWAYS another way

    3rd Ave Lights can be saved WITHOUT A TAX. Councilman brannan Justin Brannan gave the BID committee $36,000 of our money, 5th ave received $300,000 of our money to study a problem they spent over $7 million and failed to solve – basic math – $300,000 + $36,000 = $360,000 – 3rd ave lights cost $30k a year THAT’S 10 YEARS OF LIGHTS without a tax – Councilman brannan and the BID must explain why they cant have the lights paid for without a TAX! facts – NEVER trust anyone that says “there’s no other way” than wants to tax all of us – Ask them all the hard questions…

  • 3rd Ave BID

    Its OK we collect these taxes says the 3rd ave BID

    “Its OK we collect these TAXES” says the 3rd ave bid web site BID web site while posting pictures of businesses and people THAT VOTED NO TO THE BID! Very deceptive! A BID is a TAX, A BID never goes away, A BID always increases! The city is NOW charging ALL of us for our storefronts – we are being taxed for having a business! A BID will be an ADDITIONAL DOUBLE TAX on all of us.

  • 3rd Ave BID

    New Tax on Merchants

    NEW TAX ON BUSINESSES!! The city of new york wants you to register your store front to TAX YOU EVERY YEAR! A NEW TAX! FACTS not feelings! The city is creating new ways to take our money – EVERYONE WILL PAY THIS NEW TAX! THEY SAY “IT WILL HELP THE CITY EVALUATE OPTIONS FOR SUPPORTING STOREFRONT BUSINESSES” is not his a bid? double tax whammy A bid now is a double tax! WE MUST ALL VOTE NO TO THE 3RD AVE BID TAX! We cannot afford anymore – www.nobidon3rdave.com We pay yearly for a license We NOW MUST ALSO pay YEARLY for the store front! Awnings? What next! Wait watch…

  • 3rd Ave BID

    4 More NO Votes today!

    93st and 3rd ave came through – 2 more NO votes arrived by email JUST now. We the property owners and merchants of 3rd ave have spoken – no BID on 3rd ave – no new taxes call, email and visit councilman brannan – tell him to NOT support another tax on us – he MUST listen to his voting constituents let him hear our dissent on the BID tax they want to impose on us vote no to the 3rd ave bid tax www.nobidon3rdave.com no new taxes! Property owners on 86st and 3rd – “thank you for doing this, spoke to a few friends today about the BID they…

  • 3rd Ave BID

    Your Property taxes have gone up!!

    Its the start of the new year – the city is $6 Billion in the hole soooooooooooo – we get our property tax assessments and they have GONE UP!!! Watch your mail, be prepared for “them” to take more of your money! Taxes are increasing – we cannot afford another tax – vote NO to the 3rd ave BID tax!

Vote NO 3rd Avenue BID!

You Must Download and Print a paper ballot. Drop off to us at
7515 3rd Ave or give us a call (718)921-6159, we can pick them up.