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    Local retail rebound is uneven, uncertain

    Will a BID address current market trends? The inability of smaller retailers to compete with online vendors is the main reason for the rise in vacant retail space in New York City. It comes as employment in the retail sector increases because of the rebound of larger companies, but it’s unclear if consumer spending can sustain that. [Greg David on New York]

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    Out of touch with the community

    Time for a new perspective We certainly wanted Marty Golden to win – I voted for him. We are not debating an election. We are showing the “old guard” who’s out of touch with the communities wants and needs. Yet they are the advocates of a BID with their insistence that it will be “good for the community and business”. They were very wrong about an election candidate and went “out on a limb” with the same gusto they have for a BID. Perhaps its time to reconsider who actually speaks for the community, who actually is in touch with current business trends, who understands that Amazon in a neighborhood…

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    Make 3rd ave Great Again!

    Lets Make 3rd Ave GREAT Again! Plan to Greatness What WE need is an asymmetrical solution – a new generation with a whole new explanation tempered with historical perspective and leveraging technology to make 3rd ave great again! Step 1 Support Your Local Business Weekends Every other weekend Saturday and Sunday, all local businesses offer SPECIALS to 3rd ave and Bayridge residents only! This is a great way to get the community involved and to have them not shop on line and spend money supporting their local businesses. You can easily build repeat customers, offer family restaurant discounts and more. Let the community know our services and products Lets support…

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    City to target business licenses in fine-collection effort

    Businesses are under siege! In an attempt to collect more than $1 billion owed New York, the de Blasio administration is drafting rules to revoke the licenses of businesses with outstanding city fines Will a BID protect us from a crazed voracious caustic administration hell bent on putting us out of business? NO! Say NO to the 3rd ave BID We have many more problems that we need to address!  

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    Many Vacant Stores on 5th Ave

    Is this a measure of this BID’s success? I hope not! How many stores are still vacant or closing? A Quick survey of 5th ave shows a number of stores for rent We hear a number more will also go out of business. Has the BID decreased the number of vacant stores? Has the BID increased the value of the realestate? Has the BID made businesses WANT to open on 5th ave? If the 3rd ave will mirror the 5th ave BID, should we not know this information? Over 1.5 million dollars spent! The 5th ave BID spent $450,000 a year for how many years: 2,3 or 4? Is 5th…

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    Three Suspects Arrested in Violent Robbery in Bay Ridge

    Read Article at Brooklyn Reporter By Jaime DeJesus • October 29, 2018 @ 3:53 pm Three men have been arrested for allegedly assaulting and robbing a victim in the Bay Ridge area. Cops charge that on Saturday, October 27 at around 2:45 a.m. near Fifth Avenue and 84th Street, 21-year-old Joseph Padilla, 21-year-old Charles Lopez and 22-year-old Wayne Bennett approached the victim and allegedly punched him in the face, breaking his teeth and cutting him above the right eye. The three suspects then allegedly took their victim’s sneakers, pants and cellphone. The three suspects were apprehended at 84th Street and Fort Hamilton Parkway. Each of them was charged with robbery…

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