3rd ave vacant store
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More 3rd ave Store for rent!

18 and counting!

The tombstones of the ave seem to be increasing. These are from 75 to 81st – Hopefully not many more towards 100st.

Property taxes, death of retail, high rents & operating expenses all contribute to new small business not opening or closing shop. Does anyone have any other ideas why? Let us know.

Will a BID solve these problems or increase the financial burden possible pushing others over the edge to close?

The city needs money to pay for all the FREE services it want to give away – where will this money come from? US! Current politicians believe we are too rich and should not have as much money as we do and want laws to take it away from us.

Is not a BID with its FORCED enforcement of payment similar? Having us pay for duplicate services covered by our high taxes?

Are lights on the ave really going to make you stay in business? Have they over the past 10 years? NO, i don’t think any of the merchant services have made a business decide to stay in business and weather the ever increasing burdens.

Does anyone have a better idea instead of asking for more money? I think we have a few – read on in this web site.

Say no to the 3rd ave BID – The merchant association has been inneffective for years, now “they” want to reward themselves for such failures by forcing us to pay.

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