Stop the Coney Island BID
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STOP the Coney Island BID

Seems We are not the only ones AGAINST a BID. Once the costs and the non-value is realized, People are against a BID! Its akin to making us purchase a product we don’t need for want – is that American?

Why is it that always a few, want to impose their will on the many? If they believe an idea is GREAT, than they SHOULD fund it themselves and PROVE to us the value with REAL numbers showing how well it works.

They will STOP the Coney Island BID and we MUST STOP the 3rd ave BID


Some merchants on Mermaid Avenue are petitioning to escape a BID proposal aimed at helping boost local businesses in Coney Island.

White and red stickers placed on the front doors of some stores read Stop Coney Island BID.

The businesses are protesting a proposed business improvement district that will fund supplemental services for the avenue — for a $50 a month fee.

The proposed BID would include sidewalk and street cleanup, new signs, holiday lights and organized store promotions.

But most of the small business owners feel the BID would really help Surf Avenue and the amusement park area more.

Organizers of the proposed BID, the Alliance for Coney Island, believe that the proposal will boost business on the avenue by attracting more people.

With the BID still in the drafting proposal stage, nothing can be voted on just yet.

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Vote NO 3rd Avenue BID!

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