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Talking points proved – a BID is useless

Talking points proved that a BID is a useless TAX burden on all of us. You be the judge. The 5th ave BID web site – https://www.bayridgebid.com/ proves 100% that a BID is a waste of our tax dollars! THIS IS THE ADVERTISING THEY WILL DO FOR US? This site is ancient, childish and boring – hardly any way to compete with amazon – right bob howe? You would NOT pay me if i created this crap for your business and you SHOULD NOT!!!! But 5th ave merchants and owners paid over $6 million dollars for this!
Our noibidonb3rdave web site is better than this!

This is 12 years in the making and $6,300,000 TAX dollars and counting! Notice most of the site is for the city of NY NOT about merchants.

A BID is a Self Licking Ice Cream Cone! – It gratifies itself with our TAX dollars – don’t be fooled!

Review their site, walk the avenue and think – is this worth $6 million 300 thousand dollars and counting forever? Now imaging paying $200-$300 and more a month forever for this?

Review their numbers – 2018 budget – most for salary!!!!!

Do we want to WASTE OUR money like 5th ave?

FACTS not feelings
A BID is a tax
A BID NEVER goes away
A BID always increases
A BID produces nothing
we are 273 strong and growing daily!

Vote no to the 3rd ave BID – keep your money in your pocket

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