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The 86st BID failure – time to disband them

86st is a desolate place! MANY MANY stores going out – Now TJMAX! I think the 86st BID NEEDS to answer a lot of questions. Millions of dollars Stolen from these merchants for what? AHHH YES – lights again!

THANK GOD we stopped these TAX COLLECTORS from further destroying 3rd ave! Its time 86st BID GIVE THEIR MONEY BACK to the remaining merchants and disband! They have been collecting this TAX for years for nothing! There is always hope, always a solver lining – but there are many pieces of the chess board moving and so far our king is backed into a corner

If those 3 blocks of 86st continue to wither, the smaller businesses wont be able to sustain themselves and have to close. AND DON’T FORGET – the taxes have gone up in relation to the perceived property values – This dictates the rents. So IF the rents comes down, the taxes will not creating an ever downward increasing spiral.

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