• 3rd Ave BID

    BIDS are corrupt

    BIDS are corrupt!The 5th Avenue BID director before the current one was caught stealing money from the BID back in 2016 and then fired. We tried to find any information on this BUT of course cannot. To all PLEASE work on getting more information on this!BIDS are corrupt – ANY time you give a group UNLIMITED UNSTOPPABLE EVER INCREASING tax money this is invertible! NO NEW TAXES, NO NEW TAXES! Remember: They need billions for their self created homeless problem The corrupt MTA is raising tolls The city is $6 billion in the hole ENOUGH!We received 8 NO PROPERTY OWNER votes this weekend!Merry Christmas to all!

  • 3rd Ave BID

    FACT a BID always increases!

    More PROOF that we deal in FACT not feelings. The sunset park BID will increase their budget from $300k to $320K for the SAME services – that’s a $20,000 increase! Did you make $20,000 additional? Can you raise your prices or rents to make $20,000 a year more? NO!A BID always increasesA BID produces no usable servicesA BID is an EVER increasing TAX!A BID NEVER goes away!Vote no to the 3rd ave BID – STOP the taxes!NO NEW TAXES, NO NEW TAXES!www.nobidon3rdave.com

  • sneaky bid survey
    3rd Ave BID

    The BID Survey – Very Sneaky!

    The BID steering committee is sneaky! This survey states “district needs…” HOWEVER, read carefully, it says drop off at one of the BID steering committee offices! This is for the 3rd ave BID – not the district – they are trying to trick you! Councilman Brannan is using our tax dollars to impose a tax on us! Did we, his constituents, give him the right to use our TAX dollars to tax us? This is more proof that a BID is self serving,dishonest and our elected leaders WANT MORE TAXES! A BID is a tax A BID TAX IS ACTIVELY supported by councilman Brannan A BID always increases Call Councilman…

  • bibny.org features businesses in brooklyn new york

    Advertise your business for FREE!

    Until the 3rd ave BID is dead, We will be offering to advertise ANY merchant on any 3rd and 5th ave for FREE! Businesses in Brooklyn NY (BIBNY) will offer merchant spotlights, promote new businesses and advertise for all businesses! We have a NO BID TAX solution! This is what they are afraid of – successful thinking! Sign your business up today! www.bibny.org

  • bibny.org features businesses in brooklyn new york
    3rd Ave BID

    bibny.org – Our NO TAX Solution

    Merchants of 3rd ave WEB SITE! We promised a NO TAX solution – “They” said it could not be done! “They” want an expensive BID TAX for the SAME service! 5th ave spent $300,000 for this! We did it for $0.00! WELCOME TO BIBNY.ORG!Businesses in Brooklyn New York!www.bibny.org We will do the promotions, merchant spotlights and promote NEW businesses on your new web site! Its NOT FREE its $60 per year – that’s $5 a month – cancel at any time! The BID wants to charge us $550,000 a YEAR forever for the SAME service that you CANNOT cancel! As we have been saying – there are NO TAX solutions!Stay tuned…

  • 3rd Ave BID

    Will our elected officials on 3rd ave PAY for the BID TAX?

    Who will pay the BID TAX of our congressman and councilman’s 3rd ave office? Did you know they are EXEMPT from paying the BID tax? OUR LEADERS should not support another tax on us that they will never pay out of their pocket. They need to answer this question – every one ask until you get an answer! Vote NO to the 3rd ave BID tax A bid is a tax A bid never goes away A bid always increases

  • Failed 5th Ave BID

    5th ave did nothing for its merchants

    5th ave BID did nothing to help Leskes and Lonestar! After $6 million dollars they are powerless and uncaring to do anything – as we stated a BID produces nothing, is self serving & self gratifying money monster!Will the 5th ave BID defer leskes BID tax so they can stay in operation? NO! Shout out to Councilman Brannan for helping save one of our merchants! This is the support we need and you did it WITHOUT an EXPENSIVE useless BID ADVOCACY TAX! GREAT JOB! Now stop supporting the 3rd ave BID TAX and lets work together to help merchants and property owners WITHOUT more taxes!

Vote NO 3rd Avenue BID!

You Must Download and Print a paper ballot. Drop off to us at
7515 3rd Ave or give us a call (718)921-6159, we can pick them up.