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Many Vacant Stores on 5th Ave

Is this a measure of this BID’s success?
I hope not!

How many stores are still vacant or closing?

A Quick survey of 5th ave shows a number of stores for rent

We hear a number more will also go out of business.

Has the BID decreased

the number of vacant stores?

Has the BID increased the value of the realestate?

Has the BID made businesses WANT to open on 5th ave?

If the 3rd ave will mirror the 5th ave BID,

should we not know this information?

Over 1.5 million dollars spent!

The 5th ave BID spent $450,000 a year for how many years: 2,3 or 4?

Is 5th ave better after spending all this money?

When did you last make over 2 million profit?

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